Inspire with NCS

NCS Creative Workshop Facilitator

Non-residential Up to £220 per placement 1-2 days per placement

Share your passion for social action, creative storytelling and enterprise with teams of young people, working closely with their Team Mentors to adapt the NCS curriculum for a large and diverse audience.

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NCS Public Speaking Trainer

Non-residential £150 per day

Run workshops in public speaking, presentation skills and communication for up to 132 young people, encouraging them to build their confidence, and teaching them communication skills for their upcoming social action campaigns and pitches.

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"NCS helped me learn to empathise with young people about their needs and take necessary steps to cater for them." - Staff member, 2018

Equal Opportunities

We are an equal opportunities employer and have our own Health, Welfare & Disability Service on-hand for seasonal staff with any application and employment support needs.

For more information, please visit our Equal Ops Health, Welfare and Disabilities hub.